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Finding the beauty in quiet spots on campus

Two color orange horizontal divider
A black and white photo looking down the levels of a grand staircase. There is a checkered floor.
View of the ground floor from the staircase in the Main Building.

Even when the campus is quiet, there are moments of enduring beauty — the way the late afternoon light illuminates Athena on the Main Building, the power plant’s modern tangle of pipes framing its early 1900s chimney, the intersection of forms created by UT architects. These things are all around us in our everyday lives, but we are often too busy and distracted to take note of them. A photographer gives us  a different way of looking at the world. As Henry David Thoreau said, “The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”

These photos are part of a larger collection of campus scenes that have been captured over many years.

A black-and-white photo looking up at the chimney stack of a power plant framed by several beams
Hal C. Weaver Power Plant‘s five-story chimney.
A black and white closeup view of wrought iron gates decorated with the seal of the University of Texas
The gates on the north of the Main Building.
A black and white photo of a wall in shadow. The light is hitting a sculpture detail of a Classical Greek face
Athena, the Greek goddess associated with wisdom, is one of several classical elements on the south facade of the Main Building.
A black and white photo of a staircase landing in shadow. The light from a wind fours a triangular shape on the wall.
Staircase in the Main Building.
A black-and-white closeup photo of wrought iron gates and a brick wall with some nautilus shell details.
Will C. Hogg Building.
A black and white view up a stone tower. On the side of the tower are carved letters.
One of five different gold-leaf ancient alphabets depicted on the north side of the Tower.