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Uniting campus with ‘Make it Your Texas, Make it Our Texas’

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Photos by Marsha Miller

The University of Texas at Austin welcomed students, faculty and staff, as well as parents, alumni and visitors to campus for the 2022-23 academic year with a campus-wide campaign. The effort, which connects to People Initiative 1.11, Elevating our Culture, in “Change Starts Here,” infuses burnt orange spirit, pride and a sense of community across the university. 

The campaign is built on the theme of “Make it Your Texas, Make it Our Texas,” and includes videos, banners, signage and other creative installations to integrate with existing initiatives and campus events to ensure visibility and connection. The campaign features the Make it Your Texas message in two colors to allow the reader to see the duality of the message — Make it Your Texas and Our Texas — giving them the opportunity to interpret and interface with the message in multiple ways.

The message is designed to empower individual pursuit and inspire the collective greatness of our community. It recognizes the individuality of the interesting, talented and diverse people across the university, while building upon and further emphasizing “What starts here changes the world” and the impact we can create together.

In partnership with individual colleges, the Athletics Department and other units and groups, the university is working to create a cohesive message across campus. The campaign has already been incorporated into Gone to Texas, Party on the Plaza, the Bienvenidos Hispanic Longhorns Celebration, State of the University, and Longhorn Football home games and will be incorporated into additional campus events throughout the fall semester. 

“Make it Your Texas” aims to bring diversity to the center of UT’s mission — what starts here changes the world. The campaign was created to shine a spotlight on individual pursuits and inspire collective greatness by uniting the campus community. How will you MAKE IT Y(OUR) TEXAS?


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