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Do you find AI useful for your work? If so, how? Do you have any concerns about the integration of AI in our daily lives?

  • Rajinder Koul

    Rajinder Koul

    6 years at UT

    Professor and Chair, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

    Yes. AI tools will enable us to better address the communication needs for people with little or no functional speech. Specifically, AI tools that address knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, and computer vision can have a revolutionary impact on facilitating communication in people with severe speech and language impairment. I do have concerns related to the use of AI for nefarious purposes such as deep fake content and misinformation.

  • Lisa B. Thompson

    Lisa B. Thompson

    11 years at UT

    Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies

    I'm deeply troubled by AI in the arts, medicine, education, politics and beyond; mainly because of the way biases that exist in our society become replicated, embedded, and reinforced in technology. As an artist I'm especially concerned about the ways AI can be used to usurp the work of writers and other creatives. AI can generate coherent prose and short-term profits for some but it is a poor substitute for the human mind and spirit.

  • John Brejot

    John Brejot

    10 years at UT

    Director of Development, Gift and Estate Planning

    Fortunately, my work does not require me to use AI. And I haven't been intrigued enough to explore it to any great depth. Just putting the word "artificial" in front of intelligence is kind of like being valedictorian of summer school. As for the future possibility of "self-awareness," I'll probably just sit on my zafu, meditate and seek my awareness from within. Ah Ommmm ...

  • Arnold Jin

    Arnold Jin

    3 years at UT

    Assistant Professor of Instruction, Center for Asian American Studies

    Not really pertinent to my work, but I do have concerns about how AI is becoming more integrated into our daily lives. Given the geopolitical technological issues we're facing, I hope we can articulate policies that guide its responsible use.

  • Bob Bursey

    Bob Bursey

    4 years at UT

    Executive and Artistic Director, Texas Performing Arts

    Not yet — but I'm excited about the potential applications in our field that are starting to come in to focus.

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