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If you could have one dish served on campus, what would it be?

  • J. Keith Morrison

    J. Keith Morrison

    3 years at UT

    Director of Culinary

    I brought my Sicilian grandfather’s sausage recipe with me here to UT. I added some heat and sweet to it and call it The Longhorniza. It is available during football season and on the menus at Jester and Kinsolving residential locations.

  • Pamela R. Owen

    Pamela R. Owen

    23 years at UT

    Associate Director, Texas Memorial Museum

    Dosa — the South Indian crepe made with fermented rice and lentil batter. It can be filled with seasoned vegetables and served with chutney or sambar.

  • Aaron T. Pratt

    Aaron T. Pratt

    6 years at UT

    Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Curator of Early Books and Manuscripts

    If I can swing it during lunch, I’ll head just a tiny bit north to Vaquero Taquero for their pirata taco or to the I-35 frontage road for the Ethiopian buffet at Aster’s. I’d kill for either to be just a bit closer to the Ransom Center, where I spend my days.

  • Marilyn A. Tyus

    Marilyn A. Tyus

    5 years at UT

    Associate Vice President for University Housing and Dining and Longhorn Hospitality

    Pasta with a shrimp alfredo sauce. Lots of sauce. :)

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