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Is anything in your office from UT Surplus? If so, tell us about it?

  • Richard Costa

    Richard Costa

    15 years at UT

    Project Manager

    My desk was supposed to go to surplus, but I grabbed it before it had a chance to go. It was in the office of the Director for UIL several years ago and sustained some water damage. Two of our shop supervisors and I wanted it, I just happened to have the only office big enough to fit it.

  • Sarah Brayne

    Sarah Brayne

    7 years at UT

    Associate Professor of Sociology

    Not in my office on campus. But I did bring some bookcases and filing cabinets from UT Surplus to a prison I teach at through the Texas Prison Education Initiative (TPEI) to create a library for the inmates.

  • Mark Engelman

    Mark Engelman

    12 years at UT

    Manager, Resource Recovery

    Every item in my office is from UT Surplus except my laptop! The Surplus Property receives 100s of items weekly from campus departments. Then other departments can repurpose items into modern, functional offices and work space! Even my ink pens are from Surplus!

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