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What wellness resources do you utilize on campus? What wellness resources do you utilize on campus? How do you stay cool and active in the summer?

  • Jill Morena

    Jill Morena

    20 years at UT

    Registrar for Exhibits and Material Culture

    I utilize the shade of the large and beautiful oak trees when I’m walking through campus. Whenever I can, a dip in Barton Springs is an amazing way to keep your body cool outdoors for several hours afterward.

  • Bianca Hooi

    Bianca Hooi

    2 years at UT

    Artistic and Executive Project Manager, Texas Performing Arts

    The guided meditations have been so helpful to have a moment to just disconnect. I've also enjoyed being out by the pool or wandering around BookPeople.

  • John Brejot

    John Brejot

    10 years at UT

    Director of Development, Gift and Estate Planning

    My primary fitness regimen takes place at home where I do online cycle classes and push weights around. My campus wellness mainly consists of walking the 60 steps (yes, I counted them) to the fourth floor of the DEV building.

  • Liz Locke

    Liz Locke

    10 years at UT

    Journals Circulation and Customer Service Coordinator, UT Press

    I utilize the UT vaccine clinics each fall because it's an easy way to stay up-to-date on shots. We're lucky to have the UT Press offices right down the street from Deep Eddy Pool, so that's been a great place to cool off at the end of the workday!

  • Arnold Jin

    Arnold Jin

    3 years at UT

    Assistant Professor of Instruction, Center for Asian American Studies

    I golfed as much as possible this summer. It didn't keep me very cool, but at least I was active!

  • Michael Costa

    Michael Costa

    6 years at UT

    Manager, Building Logistics and Keys

    I live in Hays County and seldom make my way into Austin on my evenings or days off. I stay cool by starting my days at 4 a.m. and getting inside before noon.

  • Bob Bursey

    Bob Bursey

    4 years at UT

    Executive and Artistic Director, Texas Performing Arts

    I run or bike every day. This summer has been a challenge!

  • Russell Podgorsek

    Russell Podgorsek

    10 years at UT

    Lecturer of Composition and Building Manager, Butler School of Music

    I don't utilize any at the moment but was a member of RecSports in years past. I stayed active at my dojo (which is thankfully air-conditioned) and by exercising outdoors early and late.

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