Black and White portrait of Mike Shaw.

Positivity on Patrol

Meet Smile Enforcement Officer Michael Shaw

Campus Culture

The east facade of Ellsworth Kelly's Austin at sunset.
Acrylic paintings by Eric Tippeconnic.

In an Hour

UT Staff, faculty and community members can use a single hour to take advantage of many unique university area offerings.

Judith Patrick and some posters adorning her office.

Happens Here

Behind-the-scene view into the lives of people who power UT.

Harwell Hamilton Papers, Alexander Architectural Archives. Courtesy University of Texas at Austin. Christopher Dresser, geometric design, plate xlix from


Shining a light on beautiful imagery from an event, exhibit, talk or performance on campus.

Rendering of the Charlesgate by J. Pickering Putnam, 1891.


Highlighting recent publications by UT staff and faculty.

Chef Dai at the Commons Cafe.

Back 40

Showcasing hidden gems on campus.