McDonald Observatory starry sky

The Skies of Texas Are Upon You

The McDonald Observatory reaches for the stars deep in the heart of Texas

Campus Culture

A mural depicting musicians from the Motown era.
A photo of Brianna Duran surrounded by boxes to be recycled.

In An Hour

UT Staff, faculty and community members can use a single hour to take advantage of many unique university area offerings.

Eli Powell dressed in protective gear for beekeeping

Happens Here

Behind-the-scene view into the lives of people who power UT.

A photo of a green dress decorated with sequins.


Shining a light on beautiful imagery from an event, exhibit, talk or performance on campus.

Man standing in a white room with his arms crossed over his chest.


Highlighting recent publications by UT staff and faculty.

multiple spools of thread

Back 40

Showcasing hidden gems on campus.

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